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The Story of 2014

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Another amazing year with Towpath winning both The Best Presentation Award
as well as Helen Power winning The Best Comedy Performance.

An amazing production that was performed not only in our theatre
but at three Outside Venues: Coity Castle, The Norwegian Church
and Mermaid Quay in The Bay

Noises off a very funny comedy but with probably the most challenging set
we have ever attempted, with 7 working doors on 2 Levels.
The whole of which had to be rotated 180 degrees in the first interval and back again in the second. Thankfully the stage crew managed it with no broken bones and no hernias (only just!)

It was what it said on the tin, a great family panto which the kids loved


The Story of (2013)

Last year was great for the Players. At the end of April our production of "Albert" won the Glamorgan Festival with Peter Stickler & Christopher Johnson jointly winning the Best Comedy Performance. We qualified for The Wales Final of One Act Plays in Newton in May and came very close to winning but also receiving the Best Presentation Award. In June at The Glammies Awards Night both our productions, "Hound of the Baskervilles" and "Glorious!" were praised but with "Glorious!" being nominated in every category. Wonderful performances by Bella Kemble and Peter Stickler were rightly rewarded with the Best Actress & Best Actor Awards. Well done to all those who took part in those productions, on and off stage and particularly the directors Peter Stickler for "Hound", Juliet Lake for "Glorious" and Liz Rimmer for "Albert".
Congratulations also to Pete Stickler and his cast and team for a great production of "Much Ado About Nothing" although suffering (and we did), from a heatwave during the run, it was a good second attempt at a Shakespeare for the group.

Cardiff Players stage a World Amateur Premier

"The Thrill of Love" (staged at the beginning of October) was a great success with very appreciative audiences including the author Amanda Whittington. The cast and crew were a little nervous when they knew that she was coming to see them perform her play (It had only just finished it's West End run and we were the first group to perform it). They were delighted, however, by her very positive comments and enjoyed an evening in her company after the Thursday night performance. Director Juliet Lake can be very proud of another quality and innovative production for The Players

Then in December
We staged "A Christmas Carol" adapted and directed by Geoff Lake. This was first staged in a completely new venue, The Garth Olwg Centre in Church Village (just below Pontypridd) and then at our theatre the week after. It was real Christmas Family Show, with a cast and crew of nearly 30 people. There were lot's of difficulties with this show over rehearsal space and we even had to cancel the Saturday Matinee (accidental double booking!). But, in the end everyone pulled through (including 3 young children, who joined us for this production) and produced a great show which the audience loved.
Then after the Sunday Matine, we all went to The Earnest Willows for a great Christmas Dinner and lot's of fun. It was wonderful to see over 50 members gathering together to enjoy each other's company.




Club Night is normally on Thursdays 7.30pm in The Cardiff YMCA, The Walk, Cardiff

What a great start it's going to be for 2014, This year we are entering two one-act plays into the Glamorgan Festival. " Bette and Joan" a West-End success starring, Anita Dobson and Greta Scacchi. Lyn Garden of The Guardian wrote: "Still, bitching can be delicious when done with style. Here we have a delicate game of oneup-womanship, in which bared teeth are hidden behind dissembling smiles and barbed insults fly in both directions. "It's said she'd slept with everybody on the lot except Lassie," hisses Davis of her rival". We have been given special permission to perform just the second act of the play so as compete in this National Competition. The other play is a comedy, "The Obituary" by Phil Nash. This will be the first staging of the play, written by this well know local author, who has had success before in this competition. His play "Came a Dark Man Standing" won The Crawshay Cup for Best Original Play at the Wales Final in 2000. In "The Obituary" Stalin is in last years as dictator and wants his obituary to be written before he dies so that no 'lies' can be told about his benificent record! The best writer, unfortunately he's sent to a Gulag in Siberia. He gets his sleazy head of security Beria to return him, just as a woman reporter from The London Times arrives. This fast-paced comedy is a tongue in cheek, stab at Stalin's repressive regime.

We are also looking to encourage people (non-actors) who would like to manage our marketing as well as our social and organisational activities.
We pride ourselves in welcoming new members (whatever their ability, age, race or sexual orientation), and try to integrate them into the group as soon as possible. We have a mainly younger adult group and can offer a good social side for 30+ (and more mature) people. So come and join!

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